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Energize your Body, Stimulate your Mind,
Calm your Spirit

Breathe deeply. Inhale the scent of fresh coconut.
Feel the fresh breeze softly caress your skin.
Relax as the sunís gentle rays warm you.
Let the warm, clear waters of the beautiful mountain springs flow over you.

Then open your eyes...

No, itís not a dream Ė
Itís the magic of the Tropics,
You're at Jasmine Spa and Wellness Centre on a rejuvenating retreat in the mountains.

To maximize your stay at Jasmine Spa and Wellness we invite you for a minimum of 10 nights to experience our renowned healthy dining, invigorating activities, pampering treatments, healing therapies, and health & lifestyle treatments.

Click here for more information of our Beautiful Location in the Dominican Republic.

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